We offer comprehensive international freight forwarding services across all continents, efficiently managing trade disputes, quota issues, custom and quarantine procedures, changing trade policies and emergency measures.
We offer Project Cargo Handling solutions from start to finish, planning and engineering all the requirements including lifting procedures and more.
Transport of dangerous goods is subject to both national and international legislation, and we ensure that transport is conducted safely and in full compliance with relevant regulations.
We arrange the most appropriate transportation solutions for any bulky and oversized cargo, which due to its weight and dimensions requires advanced planning of the routes, preparation of suitable vehicles and also loading and unloading procedures.
Our warehousing and distribution capabilities strategic facilities that are located for easy reach and access with flexibility in facility size and type.
We provide start-to-end solutions like on-site packing, vacuum packing and more. Our packaging components are made from various species of wood, plywood, corrugated polypropylene, and other requested materials.
We are able to provide marine cargo insurance for shipments worldwide, whether it’s an individual shipment or an annual Open Cargo Insurance Policy for frequent shippers.